4DX in Cineworld: everything you need to know and classic movies coming soon

Are you yet to experience 4DX in Cineworld? Here's our handy guide to the immersive big screen format, as well as classic movies returning to the big screen in our '4DX: Never Been Seen' event.

What is 4DX?

4DX is a multisensory experience where effects such as moving chairs, scents, wind and rain are used to enhance the moviegoing experience.

How does 4DX work?

4DX screens have high-tech motion seats that move in perfect synchronization with the film. But there's more: on top of the moving seats, special effects are added in line with the action on screen. These effects include wind, water, fog, lightning, bubbles, rain, scents and snow. The film itself can be in both 2D and 3D formats.

How does 4DX feel?

The feel of 4DX all depends on the movie you're watching.

Thrillers and horrors

With 4DX you won't just jump in your seat, your seat will jump with you! You'll really feel those unexpected twists and turns... 

Family films

From the smell of roses when the hero falls in love, to bubbles falling from the ceiling in celebration, 4DX effects add an extra level of fun to any blockbuster.

Action films

Whether it's a spaceship or a car chase, your 4DX seat will transport you into the middle of the action so you feel every impact and explosion of the Hollywood effects.

What is a 4DX chair?

The 4DX chair is your passport to a spectacular new moviegoing experience, one showcasing 20 stunningly realistic effects. These include:

  • Rolling – race along the streets in car chases and run alongside your favourite characters
  • Twisting – feel your body move as the rollercoaster spectacle of your favourite comic book movies comes to life
  • Heaving – be catapulted into the air along with your favourite characters
  • Shaking – hold on as the teeth-rattling feel of latest disaster and action epics grips you
  • Pitching – feel the ascent and descent of movies that embark upon the high seas, or soar through the galaxy

How is 4DX different to 3D?

While a 4DX film can be in 3D, there's much more to it with 4DX. Every seat in a 4DX auditorium moves along with the action, and you get truly immersed in the movie. When it rains on screen, it rains in the cinema; when there's a car chase, you can smell the burning rubber; when there's a storm, you'll feel the wind on your face...

Put simply, you don't just enjoy added image dimensions, but you experience a visceral, physical experience from the comfort of your special 4DX seat.

Where is the best place to sit for a 4DX movie?

There's no bad seat in a 4DX auditorium as they all move along with the action. That being said, you'll be more engulfed by the fog and the bubbles closer to the front as that's where the machines are located, and you'll get a fuller experience of the rain right in the centre of the auditorium. You'll have to try it for yourself to decide where your favourite seat will be! 

Can anyone watch 4DX?

There are a few restrictions for health and safety reasons, and of course the film has to be suitable, but generally speaking: Yes! If you're unsure whether it's right for you, you can click here for the full safety guidelines

Where can I experience 4DX?

4DX can be experienced at over 20 of our cinemas around the UK.

Click here for the full list of Cineworld 4DX screens. And remember: this experience is available only in Cineworld.

What is 4DX Never Been Seen?

Coming soon: classic movies given the 4DX treatment as part of our Never Been Seen season. Keep an eye on this blog post for more details.

Where is the closest 4DX experience near me?

You can click here to find your nearest 4DX Cineworld cinema and find out what's available to book in 4DX right now.