Babyteeth: everything you need to know about the acclaimed indie drama

Looking for a refreshing, indie-spirited drama? One has just arrived from Australia in the form of Babyteeth, a sensitive rite of passage drama adapted from Rita Kalnejais' play.

A cast of vibrant newcomers and established veterans put a human face on this critically acclaimed story. Scroll down to find out more.


What is the story of Babyteeth?

Critically ill teenager Milla Finlay clashes with her parents when she falls madly in love with smalltime drug dealer, Moses. Milla's protective parents want to shield her, but come to realise that she must balance coming-of-age needs with those of her condition.


Who stars in the movie?

Little Women's Eliza Scanlen portrays Milla, having already impressed in HBO's Sharp Objects. Meanwhile, Rogue One's Ben Mendelsohn takes a break from villainous roles to play her father, and The Babadook's Essie Davis portrays Milla's mother. Moses, meanwhile, is played by Toby Wallace from cult 1992 Russell Crowe movie Romper Stomper.


What have the critics said?

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian: "This debut feature from Australian film-maker Shannon Murphy, adapted by Rita Kalnejais from her stage play, is well acted, heartfelt, beautifully filmed."

Guy Lodge, Variety: "A wickedly perverse and, in time, intensely moving variation on familiar coming-of-age themes that marks an arresting feature debut for both director Shannon Murphy and screenwriter Rita Kalnejais."

Raphael Abraham, The Financial Times: "Murphy has marked herself as one to watch for sprightly direction and storytelling that doesn't feel the need to spell out every plot progression. And Scanlen has confirmed her status as one of the most promising young actors on either side of the world."


When is Babyteeth released?

Babyteeth is released on 14th August in Cineworld cinemas in England and Wales.


Where can we book our tickets for Babyteeth?

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