Ben Wheatley has directed a secret pandemic horror movie

Just recently, we reported that director Ben Wheatley was uniting with Jason Statham for The Meg 2. Now, the ubiquitous filmmaker responsible for Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England, High Rise, Free Fire and Rebecca has revealed that he's made a new horror movie in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wheatley's new project is called In the Earth. Given Wheatley's predilection for twisted and often horrifying material, we're interested to see how this turns out. He's collaborating with Yesterday's Joel Fry, A Field in England's Reece Shearsmith and Midsommar's Ellora Torchia for a story that's bound to push a lot of topical and uncomfortable buttons.

THR reports the synopsis as follows: "As the world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, In the Earth sees a scientist and park scout venture deep into the forest for a routine equipment run. Through the night, their journey becomes a terrifying voyage through the heart of darkness, with the forest coming to life around them."

We can't wait to see how Wheatley transforms this story into one that both parallels and reconfigures the current global situation. He turned two Brummie caravanners into murderous psychopaths in the darkly comic Sightseers, and rendered the aftermath of the English Civil War into a nightmarish quest for gold in A Field in England. Throughout his filmography, he's a director who's revelled in extremes of violence and black comedy. And the fact that he's turned his latest movie around so quickly is an especially impressive achievement.

In the Earth is currently scheduled for a theatrical release (say it loud, say it proud) in 2021. It would be extremely ironic if the ongoing pandemic situation put paid to those plans, but stay tuned to the blog and our Twitter page @Cineworld for future details.