Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams discuss Big Hero 6

Not too long ago, we blogged about the flying sequence in upcoming Disney/Marvel team-up Big Hero 6, in which teenager Hiro Hamada and his plucky robot sidekick Baymax take to the skies. Here it is again to remind you.

It turns out that this particular sequence is a favourite of the film's creators Don Hall and Chris Williams, as they explain to The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's a critical scene for Hiro and Baymax's relationship," says Hall. They are starting to really bond emotionally. Hiro, for a moment, isn't thinking about the loss of his brother, he's on a thrilling ride thanks to Baymax — but the scene is layered with meaning."

Adds Williams: "The scene resolves once the kinetic thrill ride is finished and Hiro and Baymax are sitting on top of a wind turbine. It's a quiet, sweet, intimate scene. That's the moment where the audience really invests in them as a duo on an emotional level."

Not too long to wait now until we can watch the scene in context – Big Hero 6 is released on 30th January.