Check out our special John Williams edition of the Cineworld Movie Mixtape!

Welcome to the latest edition of our Movie Mixtape, and this week we're getting ready for the upcoming release of Steven Spielberg's epic adventure The BFG by picking some of our essential tracks from soundtrack master John Williams. Will your favourite make the list? Scroll down to find out.

The Shark Approaches – Jaws

Der dun... Der dun... It's summer and that means it's time to crank out one of John Williams' most iconic Oscar-winners. Just try not to play it whilst you're actually on the beach – that's just mean to all those already in the sea.

Raiders March – Raiders of the Lost Ark

You simply can't beat this eight-minute masterwork for sheer adrenaline-pumping excitement and tension. In fact, Williams' music is so good you can listen to the music and have the movie playing in your head as you do so.

The Magic of Halloween – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Do soundtrack moments get more iconic than this? Williams' spine-tingling central theme gets its first fully-fledged airing in the movie as young Elliot's bike soars silhouetted across the moon, the music encapsulating the wonder and awe of childhood adventure, as well as the most unusual bond between two friends from different worlds. Scores simply don't get more beautiful. Extra points if you can spot Yoda's Theme from Star Wars – yes, it's in there...

Jurassic Park theme – Jurassic Park

One of Williams' most extraordinary abilities is his knack to expose the soul of a given movie, encapsulating the story's themes and emotion in musical form. Spielberg's dino-chomping 1993 smash is, at its heart, a celebration of our prehistoric ancestors, and Williams' central theme, in which the glorious orchestra is augmented with a subtle choir, is heavenly.

Sophie's Future – The BFG

The nature of Spielberg and Williams' partnership over the years has caused our hearts to soar, our eyes to moisten and our imaginations to run wild. The dream-crafting storyline of Spielberg's Roald Dahl adaptation therefore provides rich opportunity for Williams to unleash some of his most whimsical and enchanting music in recent years, his score whizzing and zipping about in the manner of Dahl's classic creations.

Don't miss your chance to hear John Williams' latest masterpiece on the big screen when The BFG opens on 22nd July. Click here to book your tickets.