Cineworld Sheffield VIP Experience opens with celebrity launch

Cineworld Sheffield's luxurious VIP Experience launched on Friday 14th January with a glitzy, star-studded opening ceremony attended by the likes of TV presenter Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan and members of the local media.

The crowds mingled with the A-listers as they became the first in the country to enjoy the VIP treatment. So what does it involve?

It all starts from the moment guests walk through the doors, with welcoming staff to greet them as soon as they arrive at the exclusive private lounge and bar ahead of their movie screening. The private lounge and bar area accommodates up to 80 guests and leads directly into two intimate screens.

Ahead of their movie, guests are able to relax in the lounge and enjoy a gourmet buffet prepared by a local chef and unlimited soft drinks, which are included in the price. Guests can also purchase a variety of alcoholic drinks from the private bar.

And from there it only gets better! As part of the VIP Experience at Cineworld Sheffield, the two intimate and specially designed screens are each fitted with 40 luxurious 'lazy boy' style reclining seats and individual tables – perfect for guests to enjoy all their favourite cinema snacks. The extremely generous sized leather seats offer the ultimate in relaxation. So what did people think?

MrMisantrope was among those who settled in for an evening of drinks and food, followed by an exclusive screening of Oscar nominated Leonardo DiCaprio epic The Revenant.

Lydia agrees, saying it takes her personal Cineworld experience to the next level.

As far as Rebecca's concerned, her next visit can't come soon enough.

Tom says The Revenant itself was the perfect finale to a great evening. He also gives his Academy Awards tips...

And they weren't the only ones sharing their feedback. Mark Wright himself says he was left buzzing by the VIP experience.

Did you treat yourself to the VIP experience last Friday? If so, send us your thoughts using @Cineworld and #CineworldVIP – we'd love to hear from you.