Your brand new Cineworld in Speke opens soon

Calling all you Cineworlders in Speke! Your brand new Cineworld opens on Friday 10th August. Here's why your Cineworld experience is about to change...

Here's what you can expect...

The cinema

Located in New Mersey Shopping Park, Cineworld Speke puts audiences at the heart of the movie experience. It boasts 11 cutting-edge screens, all of which deliver crystal clear projection and powerful surround sound. Upgrade your experience to all-encompassing Superscreen, which showcases a ceiling-high, wall to wall screen and immersive Dolby sound.

And with Marvel blockbuster Ant-Man and The Wasp on release in time for the cinema's opening, plus Jason Statham giant shark extravaganza The Meg, what better way to celebrate?

Enjoy your favourite refreshments

Want to top up before the movie starts? Grab a Starbucks coffee, cool down with a delicious Baskin-Robbins ice cream or choose from our Pick and Mix selection.

A world of Unlimited possibilities

Cineworld Unlimited Card holders can also enjoy access to an unlimited number of films per month for less than the price of two new-release peak time tickets, at just £17.90 per month (or £20.40 for London West End cinemas). The Unlimited Card also allows members to enjoy 10% off cinema snacks and drinks (25% in your second year), and 25% off restaurant partners, plus access to advance screenings and free months when you recommend friends.

Not yet part of the club? Then click here to sign up today.

Cinema fans can also take advantage of a range of offers at Cineworld Dover including weekly discounted Movies for Juniors screenings for just £2.50 on selected weekend mornings and school holidays, as well as Student NUS discount.

Keep up to date!

Cineworld Speke opens on 10th August. Follow @Cineworld and be sure to like the Cineworld Speke Facebook page.