Don't Breathe 2: go behind the scenes of the horror sequel

Prepare to hold your breath all over again as the dreaded Blind Mind takes centre stage in Don't Breathe 2, Stephen Lang's ruthless force of nature already saw off a group of opportunistic burglars in the nail-biting first film, which grossed $175 million against a $10 million budget back in 2016. Now, he's facing an altogether more personal battle.

The original Don't Breathe elicited huge tension from a carefully discreet sound design, immersing the audience in a world where the slightest creak or breath would give away a particular character's location. This time, the Blind Man, also known as Nordstrom, looking after an adopted child and must fend off a group of dangerous thugs.

Go behind the scenes with producer Fede Álvarez (who directed the original film) in the following featurettes, and prepare to re-enter Nordstrom's suspenseful universe.


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