Feel more again at Cineworld: cinemas in England now re-open

After a four-month interval that's felt a lot longer, we're thrilled and delighted to have re-opened Cineworld cinemas in England. We want to thank all our loyal customers for sticking by us during recent times, and we're ready to unleash a host of new releases and nostalgic classics upon all you film fans. Click here for a full list of Cineworld movies.

It's been a difficult time for film fans, and the feeling of celebration it's best summed up in the following video. Our thanks to Billy and the rest of the 'Cinehome' crew for going to town on this.


Over the last few months, we've asked Cineworlders what they've missed the most about the cinema experience. Check out their responses here.

And now we start to look to the future. If you need pointing in the right direction, check out our list of upcoming movie releases, which stretches way into the future. From Christopher Nolan's Tenet to the long-distant prospect of James Cameron's Avatar 2, we look forward to embarking with you on the journey once again.


But that's in the future. The fun starts today, 31st of July, at 3PM with our Cinemania game show. Check it out on YouTube or here on the blog, as our various influencer contestants go head to head and put their film knowledge to the test.

Of course, the safety of our customers and staff is paramount. In these difficult times, check out our list of Cineworld safety measures and our safety FAQs.

The time has now come to book your tickets – what are you going to watch after four months of film deprivation? Share your choices and reactions to our re-opening @Cineworld.

Welcome back, everyone!