Enjoy the taste of America with an ICEE carbonated frozen drink in Cineworld

America's number one frozen soft drink ICEE has arrived at Cineworld - and we couldn't be more excited! Here's everything you need to know about your new favourite frozen beverage:

Where can I buy an ICEE drink?

ICEE drinks are now available at all Cineworld cinemas - we are the first and we are currently the only UK cinema chain where you can grab an ICEE!

What ICEE flavours are available?

At Cineworld, ICEE comes in three tasty flavours - thirst-quenching Blue Raspberry, delicious Red Cherry, and the quintessentially British flavour of Vimto.

(Fun fact: Vimto was originally invented in 1908 as a health tonic to give you 'vim and vigour’ which means energy or power. So John Noel Nichols, who invented it, called his new wonder invention Vim tonic. Then the 'nic' bit got nicked* and it became Vimto!)

What makes ICEE so amazing?

ICEE is your mouths’ first ever swizzly, fizzly, freshy, freezy YUMAGGEDON of taste.

It’s so tasty over 500 million cups of ICEE are sold every year…that’s the same as 140 Olympic sized swimming pools!

What is the sugar content of ICEE?

ICEE does contain a small amount of sugar but is below the lowest soft drinks industry levy threshold and it's gluten-free. It’s the perfect Cinema treat!

What blockbusters are coming up to give me an excuse to try ICEE at Cineworld?

Quench your thirst and enjoy an ICEE while you visit your favourite childhood friends in Toy Story 4, swing into Cineworld for Spider-Man: Far From Home, or make a date with the new Galaxy Defenders Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in Men in Black: International.

Whatever you watch, make sure you enjoy it with a refreshing ICEE.