Discover the Unlimited reactions to last night's incredible Secret Screening

Did you attend last night's Secret Unlimited Screening? If so, you were among the lucky film fans who got to see Disney-Pixar's Incredibles 2, a full three weeks in advance of its UK cinema release.

Director Brad Bird reunites us with the super-powered Parr family in this vibrantly animated and brilliantly rib-tickling sequel, one we've all been waiting 14 years for. And the reactions from viewers were, appropriately enough, incredible, starting with this from Tom.

Did your cinema go wild when the movie was revealed? That's what happened in Kasia's screening.

And Tel says he had the same experience in his Cineworld.

LR says this particular screening had a powerfully nostalgic impact.

Darren thinks the movie may even top its classic predecessor.

RainyDayLass1989 praises the boldness of Brad Bird's animation, and the jazzy input of returning composer Michael Giacchino.

When talking about scene-stealers, Kelly Lee Lewis says there's one character to look out for.

Matt Kamen praises the film as an antidote to the glut of brooding, dark superhero movies we've had in recent years.

And finally, Emma Sewell seems to speak for most people of with the following rave response.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic and warm responses to last night's screening. Anyone else who was at last night screening: tweet us @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited with your reactions.

For all those who did go and can't wait to see the movie again, click here to book your tickets for Incredibles 2. The movie goes on nationwide release on 13th July.

Not yet part of the Unlimited club? Sad that you missed out on the chance to see Incredibles 2 in advance? Then click here to sign up to Unlimited, and unlock a world of possibilities.

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