Amanda Seyfried talks about playing infamous porn star Linda Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried has had a great year so far. Not only did she play lovestruck Cosette in hit musical Les Miserables but she also lent her voice to popular animation Epic.

But her latest role could be set to top them all! Amanda plays real-life porn star Linda Lovelace in biographical drama Lovelace, out now in Cineworld. Linda gained notoriety for starring in the film Deep Throat, which went on to become the most lucrative porn film of all time, grossing an estimated $30 to $50m.

Seyfried launches into the big-haired role with gusto, and the film also explores the darker side of her career, one involving coercion and abuse at the hands of her husband Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard).

Watch Amanda talk about her gutsy role in this fascinating interview. She talks about what it was like to don 1970s fashions and the challenge in taking on such a notorious figure.

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