Muse: book your IMAX tickets for the Simulation Theory tour

After months of silence, Cineworld cinemas are re-opening. And one of the ways we're celebrating is with the IMAX presentation of Muse: Simulation Theory.

One of the world's biggest rock bands presents its immersive and innovative concert film. Scroll down for more details.


What is Muse: Simulation Theory?

Forget what you think you know about the standard concert film. In the manner of a mind-melting Muse concert, Simulation Theory reportedly blurs the lines between concert, narrative, virtual and reality. 

Shot in 2019 at London's O2 Arena, the movie follows vocalist Matt Bellamy, guitarist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard on the most ambitious odyssey of their lives. A brand new score has been composed for this in-depth look at the 2019 Simulation Theory tour, which supported the group's eighth studio album of the same name. 


Why do we need to see Simulation Theory in IMAX?

IMAX promises to immerse Muse fans "in a supernatural spectacle of unmatched scope and clarity, surrounded by next-generation precision audio that delivers pitch-perfect tuning and pin-point accuracy in custom-designed IMAX theatres".

Simulation Theory also showcases IMAX’s cutting-edge propriety Digital Media Re-Mastering (DMR) and sound mixing process to take advantage of the stunning visuals and precision audio of the IMAX Experience.

When is Simulation Theory screening?

It is screening in select Cineworld IMAX theatres from 17th August.

Where can we book tickets?

Click here to book your IMAX tickets for Muse: Simulation Theory.