Awesome February action: Deadpool, Triple 9 and much more

Couldn't care less about all the Oscars hype? Then prepare for the onslaught of epic action movies exploding onto screens this February. Scroll down for all the essential info.


What's the story? Ryan Reynolds is a wisecracking superhero in this violent and hilarious comic book extravaganza.

Mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is dedicated to the woman he loves, but his life turns upside down when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Hope appears to materialise when he volunteers for a mysterious medical procedure that's set to save his life – but the experiment goes horribly wrong and Wilson ends up being a scarred shadow of his former self.

However, in the process he's also developed extraordinary regenerative powers – and Wilson soon adopts the persona of quip-happy superhero Deadpool in order to track down those who wronged him. With his distinctive red suit and dark sense of humour, Deadpool is quite unlike any superhero you've met before.

Returning to the role he first played in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fan-favourite Ryan Reynolds brings both the humour and the epic action skills to this gleefully anarchic superhero. The excellent supporting cast includes Cloverfield's T.J. Miller as Deadpool's best mate Weasel and Haywire's Gina Carano as the superhuman Angel Dust.

Deadpool is unleashed on 10th February. Check out the trailer.

Point Break

What's the story? The classic extreme sports crime thriller gets an adrenaline-pumping makeover for a new generation.

After losing his best friend in a daredevil motocross accident, adrenaline junkie Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) opts for a change of career and joins the FBI. Assigned to the puzzling case of a series of daring, globe-trotting Robin Hood-style heists, Utah theorises that the perpetrators are fellow extreme sports enthusiasts following in the footsteps of a legendary environmental guru.

His boss (Delroy Lindo) reluctantly agrees to send him undercover to infiltrate the gang. But Utah soon finds his loyalties divided as he bonds with its charismatic leader, Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez).

Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze is a cult classic. Now Invincible director Ericson Core ups the thrill quotient with cutting-edge action sequences in stunning locations. The snowboarding, wingsuit flying and free rock climbing stunts are all performed by experts in their fields.

Point Break hits our screens on 12th February. Check out the trailer.

Triple 9

What's the story? Casey Affleck stars as a rookie cop targeted by a group of corrupt policemen in this heart-pounding drama.

A group of corrupt cops find themselves in serious trouble when the Russian mafia begin blackmailing them. The only way to get them off the cops' back is to perform a dangerous heist. Then they come up with a seemingly perfect plan: they will murder a rookie officer and initiate a 999 "officer down" call while the rest of the gang pull off the job...

Woody Harrelson heads up the cast of this noir-ish thriller, teaming up once more with his Out of the Furnace co-star Casey Affleck. The star-studded cast also includes Kate Winslet (Titanic), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave), Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and Gal Gadot (the future Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman).

Triple 9 is released on 19th February. Take a look at the trailer.

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