Nobody reviewed by Cineworld Unlimited members: "Like Home Alone but more violent"

In the new thriller Nobody, the bad guys discover they messed with the wrong man in the form of... Bob Odenkirk? Yes, the unassuming star of Better Call Saul breaks out the fists and improvised weapons in this blackly comic onslaught, playing a family man who is pushed too far.

Odenkirk plays Hutch, a man whose house is burgled and family is threatened. He is eaten up by his apparently passive reaction to the crime, which later compels him to tap into some latent primal rage as he's targeted by a ruthless drug lord. Bob Odenkirk, the badass? Well, the movie comes from the writer/producer duo behind John Wick, so you'd better believe it – and here are some reactions from last night's Cineworld Unlimited screening as proof.


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