Our Ladies: go behind the scenes of the heartwarming new comedy-drama

Our Ladies is on release now in Cineworld, and is highly recommended for those seeking a spirited, uplifting and nostalgic comedy-drama. Director Michael Caton-Jones (Rob Roy) adapts Alan Warner's novel The Sopranos, bringing us the story of a group of Catholic schoolgirls who leave their provincial Scottish town to paint the town red in Edinburgh.

Set in the 1990s, the movie boasts a killer soundtrack and memorable performances from its breakout cast, principally Tallulah Greive as Orla who is determined to liberate herself from her stuffy convent education. The movie has been critically acclaimed with Clarisse Loughrey writing in The Independent: "What's ultimately so joyous about Our Ladies is all the small ways they rebel against their circumstances - while the world wants them to focus on the destination of their lives, they've chosen to revel in the journey."

Go behind the scenes in the following clips as the cast and crew reveal all about one of the year's sweetest and most enjoyable films.


And here are a couple of clips indicating what you can expect.


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