The Broken Hearts Gallery: watch the first trailer

One of the films aiming to plant bums on cinema seats this July is rom-com The Broken Hearts Gallery. For those who have been left stewing and restless while in lockdown, director Natalie Krinsky's movie about messy romance may be your meal ticket.

The film is produced by David Gross, the man behind 2013 Daniel Radcliffe/Zoe Kazan movie The F Word, and it's based on an original script by Krinsky. The movie also has the backing of singer-songwriter extraordinaire Selena Gomez.

Breakout star of Blockers Geraldine Viswanathan plays the lovelorn Lucy, whose latest break-up has left her bereft. When she meets and falls for art gallery owner Nick ( Dacre Montgomery), she decides to use the space to host mementos from relationships gone sour. Pretty soon, her idea has gone viral, and everyone wants a piece of the Broken Hearts Gallery.

The trailer is spiced with plenty of hilariously rude gags, and the movie very much has its finger on the pulse. From the diversity of the cast to the presence of Stranger Things favourite Montgomery, the film is clearly speaking to the sort of millennial crowd who would want to commemorate a plaster cast as a relationship symbol. OK, maybe that's just the characters in the movie, but it looks very honest, and very funny. Check out the trailer below.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is set for release in the USA on 17th July with a UK release date to follow. Stay tuned to the blog for more details and let us know @CIneworld if you'll be first in line to watch it.